Why Metro?




Faces of precious ones just like this is why we do what we do!


The following names are just a very small handful of the lives that have impacted our hearts over the years.  You will find photos of them below.  Read their stories and you will discover why our passion is so strong!




Especially in Honor of our Dear Friend Billy Ray!


This is a special story! Billy Ray was a prayer warrior! He walked, with his walker, ¼ mile to get to Metro every single week. He was a 2 time cancer survivor. He was retired military. He LOVED Metro and we truly LOVED HIM!! Billy Ray was quite possibly one of the sweetest most humble friends we have ever known! Billy Ray had been very sick! In the Fall of 2015 he became ill and almost died. We got the honor to pray with him and believe for healing. Within weeks, Billy Ray was healed and felt the best he had felt in a very long time! Then in February of 2016, our precious friend Billy Ray went to be with Jesus! It was such a great loss for us, but a true gain for heaven. We still miss our friend to this day. You would’ve loved him if you’d met him yourself!



Kristina was also one of our original kiddos at Carter Park 23 years ago. She was 9 years old when we first met her. She attended faithfully every single week. As she grew older, we disconnected with her, but hoped she was doing well. One day, last year, she showed up at Metro. Much to our surprise, she was there to pick up her daughter Erica. She said “Erica has been coming home every week talking about ‘Metro’ at school. She explained what she did at Metro and I thought to myself, ‘Surely that’s not the same Metro!” She was so surprised to see that we were still out there after all these years. She is doing amazing and now we are getting to impact another generation through Erica!
16 years ago Firefighter Palos use to sit on our Metro tarps at Seminary South. One evening, when we were hosting a National Night Out event, he ran up to Ruth with a big smile and said “I can’t believe it’s really Metro!” He thanked us for believing in him at the young age of 12. He said “I am 28 years old and still remember the things Metro would teach me every week, and I haven’t lost my faith in Jesus Christ”. He wanted to take a picture with us to send it to his siblings. He said “They will be so jealous that I got to see Metro!”
We consider Danny part of our family! He often times stumbles up to the trailer somewhat intoxicated. He is never clean-shaven, or has anything even close to clean clothes on. But we adore him and truly miss him if he’s not there. We always try to bring him an extra snack or a treat. One of our volunteers gives Danny Jr. a crisp dollar bill every week. When we see his clothes are worn ragged, we always give him a clean shirt and a good pair of shoes. He loves new hats and loves to have a watch! Why do we do this for our friend Danny Jr.? We do it because he is important to us! We want him to feel valued and loved! He deserves it just as much as the next person. Danny Jr. is our friend and we are better for knowing him!
You’ll never amount to anything. Look around you…this is all you can look forward to for the rest of your life. You are just another statistic. You are just another throw away inner city kid. You might as well quit…give up. These are the lies that many inner city kids in Fort Worth hear as they are growing up. Lies that pierce in their minds and hearts. Lies…just lies…that sooner or later, they may begin to believe…unless someone tells them otherwise. But who? My friend Randall has had a rough life. He has struggled with anger issues and also drugs. He began coming to Metro every single week about! He asks us to pray with him every week. He brings us special artwork that he made just for “His best friends Metro”. After several weeks, Randall was so excited to tell us that he had been clean for 7 weeks!!! 7 WEEKS!!! He said “I know it’s cause y’all prayed with me and encouraged me!” My friend Randall just needed someone to believe in him!
His name was J.R. That’s what we called him….he was 14 and had been attending CPR for 5 years. He was so faithful, and the primary caregiver for his 4 younger sisters. He was a hard worker and very determined young man. Determined to get out of his neighborhood and be somebody! Unfortunately, he was murdered and found face down in a creek in 1998, because some other teen boys wanted his shoes. Do we give up? Of course not!! Why? Because there are more boys out there like him that desperately need our help. Also because today….J.R.’s little sister Jasmine, who is not so little anymore, attends our HANG Time program at Trimble Tech High School. She is a Junior and in the nursing program. She carries on J.R.’s determination and we won’t quit, because we want to see his dream live on through her!
She was 14 years old when Her and her family had moved here from Iraq to escape the turmoil of their country. Unfortunately, they landed right in the middle of more turmoil. The apartments that they lived in were very run down and the area was high in crime. They moved to get a better life and seemed to still be searching. Tavga was the oldest daughter and it seemed was solely responsible for taking care of her siblings while mom and dad worked vigorously. Her and her 4 sisters attended C.P.R. faithfully. They learned our lessons and grasped our message of encouragement and hope. It seemed that we were truly making a difference in their lives. They began to look more cheerful and hopeful. They loved attending our program every week. They even got the awesome privilege of attending our Summer Camp. In 2005, much to our sadness, they moved away suddenly. We had no idea where they went and no way of contacting them. In May of 2008…three years later…we were shopping in WalMart and heard a voice say, “Mrs. Ruth…Metro?” She identified herself as Tavga and actually began to cry. She said, “I am so thankful to see you again. I want you to know that your program CHANGED MY LIFE!” She continued to say, “If it were not for you and METRO, I do not know where I would be today. Thank you so much.” There we were in the middle of WalMart, crying together. To hear those words was truly challenging. This was a direct confirmation of the effectiveness of our program in the lives of kids and their families. To hear someone whose life you are trying to change directly say…”You changed my life,” is truly confirming and almost overwhelming. Our desire is to effect thousands of more “Tavgas” everyday, to challenge them to create change and become the person that everyone says they cannot be.
Alex & Jasmine 23 years ago when we pulled into Carter Park, we met an ornery young man named Alex. He was a bit older at the time and somewhat set in his ways, but we reached out to him nonetheless. Alex is a perfect example of how challenging it is to truly escape the lifestyle of the inner city! Eventually Alex had a beautiful daughter named Jasmine. She was one of our first 2nd generation children to sit on our tarps. Although Alex’s path has lead him in and out of jail a few times, he still reaches out to us and stays connected with us. Jasmine, however, is in 6th grade now and is doing AMAZING! We recently exchanged cell phone numbers with her to be able to stay more connected on a regular basis.

 Kristina and Erica





Danny Jr.







These are just a few

of the many faces that have

warmed our hearts and become our family for life!

Why do we do Metro?

They are why!